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Aura Bar & Lounge - Ultimate Cocktail experience like no other

After working hard in the vibrant London bar scenes. When returning home it was always so difficult to find a bar that created that same classy atmosphere that incorporated chilled bands and house DJ’s that London had always offered. So we brought class and elegance back home for you all to experience and enjoy while sipping on the best cocktails around. Welcome to Aura Bar & Lounge!


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At Aura Bar & Lounge, we believe in challenging the status quo and making uniquely blended cocktails that are like no other. We do this by having all our staff professionally trained on bartending courses that educate our staff in creating the best cocktails from around the world. We just happen to love making great cocktail’s too. Do you want to try one?

  • Truly love this place! Take your family & friends. Guaranteed a great night. Cocktails are amazing! Staff very beautiful and friendly. Highly recommended. Honestly no place like it!
    Jane Taylor
  • This place is unbelievably good! The cocktails are fantastic (think holiday measures of alcohol!). Highly recommend!
    Lea P.
  • A Very lovely place. The staff are very friendly and welcomed my me and my friends fantastically. It's a great place to go for some lush cocktails. Thank you, Aura Kettering you made our night great.
    Clare R.

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